Mountain Medicine Reaches 11k on SoundCloud!!!!
Posted // September 1st, 2015


Hey #Sages. Thank you for continuing to listen to my new releases. Mountain Medicine is well over 11k plays on Soundcloud thanks to all of you! Keep sharing. If you haven’t heard Mountain Medicine you can download it for free on SOUNDCLOUD if you follow me. More soon.


Download SoulSpark!!!!!!
Posted // August 17th, 2015

SoulSpark Artwork

I’m so honored to release this track with my dear friend and talented artist Molly Williams. You may now know her by her new alias MOONZ. She was featured last week in Vice Magazine and is certainly making big waves with collaborations with producers Cosmic Quest and KRNE. Moly and I have been writing for a couple years now and we will be releasing a couple more songs in the next couple of months. Siren produced this one!! Enjoy this free download of this song on SOUNDCLOUD. Remember like me.. and you will receive song!


Mikey Pauker Featured In J Weekly
Posted // June 4th, 2015

Sages J weekly(1)

Hey Sages. I am excited to announce that my new music video for SAGES is featured in the J weekly. They talk about my creative process and my experiences at Burning Man. Enjoy this article!

Miracle Of You Featured in Jewlicious!!!!
Posted // August 8th, 2014


Have you heard of Jewlicious festival and blog? ‘Miracle Of You,’ was just featured in the hip and savy blog. Take a look and find out about other Jewish events and festivals going on in your neighborhood.

‘Miracle Of You’ Premieres on
Posted // August 6th, 2014

Jewish Journal

It’s here. My new music video for ‘Miracle of You,’ has just been released and is being featured on the JewishJournal. We have been holding onto the release of this new music video for a couple of months, and have been waiting for the best time. We are very proud and excited to be sharing this with you. Big Thanks to Director: Rob Wallace, and Timmy Lunsford for directing and editing. Also gig ups to Erez Diwon Safar and Shemspeed/Bancs Media for the release. Enjoy!

blessings and light,

A closer Look Into “Top Of The World,” with Planet Stereo
Posted // April 12th, 2014

Planet Stereo
I have been featured in Planet Stereo. “With all that travel, one would think that Mikey would be “dead on his feet,” but he’s quick to expel that thought. “That’s one of my favorite things about touring; being fully self-expressed, and knowing that I have the opportunity of sharing what I love with communities all over the world. People-watching is also a fun activity,” he admits. “It’s amazing meeting local people and having a “locals only” perspective of the places I visit. I also love testing out new material live, and performing “Miracle Of You,” live.” Enjoy!


Mikey Pauker’s Shalom Alecheim is Featured ON KROQ 106.7 FM!!!!!!
Posted // April 4th, 2014

This is truly unbelievable to be reviewed by the world famous KROQ. They have featured by Shalom Alecheim on mainstream radio!!! I think this is the first time in history that a religious Jewish song in hebrew has been played on the number one rock music station in the world!!!Today We Made history!!!


Mikey Pauker Featured In Golden Mixtape: Traditions and Trendsetting
Posted // April 4th, 2014

Golden Mixtape

I loved being able to share my story in a new way during this interview. Kendra (which is also the name of my first acoustic guitar) asked me ” In recent years Matisyahu really shined the light on the whole Jewish crossover, and you’ve gotten to share the bill with him before. How do you compare and differentiate with him?” Well I was able to get really authentic here. Many people have described me as the next Matisyahu. I’m honored, however we have two very different journey’s and missions. Read up and comment on the article.


Five Albums That Changed Mikey’s LIfe In The New Fury
Posted // April 4th, 2014

The New Fury

It’s always exciting to share my major influences with the world. These artists have helped shaped my exciting journey. Have you heard all of these five albums?


Mikey Featured In Cool Try!!!
Posted // April 4th, 2014

Cool Try

I give a nice shout out to three artists that you should be on the look out for. Jump in!