The Exodus Begins… Passover In The Desert!
Posted // April 14th, 2014

Today I will travel four hours north to the city of Ballarat, an old ghost town where I will turn off the road to my final destination at the Panamint Velley Desert. I will be serving as an artist in Residence at Wilderness Torah’s Passover In The Desert. I will be offering Jewish Music, Chanting, Yoga and ritual along with other artists in residences Rachel Rose Reid and Rabbi Mike Commins. May you all enjoy a transformative Chag and break free from negative forms of behavior. May you experience the mitzvot in new ways that help free you from all the blockages in your life. Here is something I posted about the JCC Shooting:
“My prayers go out to the victims at the JCC in Kansas City. I will continue to have an open heart and generate freedom in my thoughts and prayers even though some people want us to live in fear. I’m not afraid of you. We must transform the evil (amalek) by generating love and powerful education. Anyone can be transformed.”


A closer Look Into “Top Of The World,” with Planet Stereo
Posted // April 12th, 2014

Planet Stereo
I have been featured in Planet Stereo. “With all that travel, one would think that Mikey would be “dead on his feet,” but he’s quick to expel that thought. “That’s one of my favorite things about touring; being fully self-expressed, and knowing that I have the opportunity of sharing what I love with communities all over the world. People-watching is also a fun activity,” he admits. “It’s amazing meeting local people and having a “locals only” perspective of the places I visit. I also love testing out new material live, and performing “Miracle Of You,” live.” Enjoy!


Mikey Pauker Featured In Golden Mixtape: Traditions and Trendsetting
Posted // April 4th, 2014

Golden Mixtape

I loved being able to share my story in a new way during this interview. Kendra (which is also the name of my first acoustic guitar) asked me ” In recent years Matisyahu really shined the light on the whole Jewish crossover, and you’ve gotten to share the bill with him before. How do you compare and differentiate with him?” Well I was able to get really authentic here. Many people have described me as the next Matisyahu. I’m honored, however we have two very different journey’s and missions. Read up and comment on the article.


Mikey Pauker @ Hotel Cafe Sunday April 6th!!!
Posted // April 4th, 2014


After one of the craziest years of my life, I will be returning to perform @ The Hotel Cafe Sunday night with my good friends and co-songwriters Heroine December, Molly Williams, and Scotty Grand. This event will start at 7pm and we encourage you to come all night long to support all the acts. Looking forward.


Inspiration For “Top Of The World” On Local Music Vibe
Posted // January 10th, 2014

Local Muisc Vibe

Hey there mates! I’m eating a nice brunch and enjoying the beautiful northern california like weather here in beautiful Brighton, UK!I was just informed that my interview with Local Music Vibe just went live. I really wanted to set things straight with my new music video, “Top Of The World.” Take a look at the interview here and see what are create vision is. It may flip you upside down.


The Golden Opportunity- Limmud Conference
Posted // January 7th, 2014

Jewish News Limmud

It was just under three months ago when I was contacted by Limmud international conference in England who asked if I would be interested in performing at their 2,500 people conference. Limmud is a festival/conference where all denominations of Jews come together to engage in deep social, spiritual, formal and experiential learning sessions. There are world class Speakers, Rabbis, Publishers, Visual Artists, recording artists, educators, and enthusiasts who participate by facilitating sessions or just go to learn. Other artists who have performed there in the past include: Matisyahu, Debbie Friedman, Craig Taubman, Sam Glaser Billy Jonas, Dan Nichols, Julie Silver and Michelle Citrin. Having just joined this niche of Jewish spiritual music in the past 5 years, I was honored to receive the invitation and jumped to the occasion.

As being a touring recording artist I find performing at Limmud to be a “Golden Opportunity.” I have heard from a handful of people that Limmud doesn’t know how to treat the presenters and musicians. I’m very surprised to hear that, because that’s not the case. First of all, Limmud covers round trip flights, puts you up in a private room for the week, pay for your fee to participate in the conference and all the meals. As an artist they showcase you with state of the art sound, lighting and promote the heck out of you to the community. The best part of my experience was working with the sound engineers. I come from a culture in america where many of the sound engineers are gruff, lazy and aggressive. I have experienced gigs at clubs where the sound engineers show up late, do not care about giving you a proper monitor mix and leave the sound board during your performance. Andy, Jon and Ian (sound engineers) made themselves accessible to the many updates in my orchestration during my main night gig due to loosing my voice. They made themselves available for any questions and were completely present in all of our performances. The staff at Limmud were divine. Anytime an artist needed support they were there to listen and help create powerful experiences for us. The staff worked day and night for a week to make sure everything worked out. I had a serious issue and lost my voice for 4 days and during my soundcheck for my main performance I was going to cancel my gig. I walked outside and spoke to David Hoffman who is the director of the international talent and he coached me to switch the orchestration of the gig to support my energy level and voice. He told me not to cancel and to recreate the experience. I indeed did, and the performance ended being one of the highlights of the festival.

I know there are many artists out there who can’t fathom playing a gig internationally without receiving their booking rates. Yea, there are artists with this “diva” attitude and to them I say, “Wake Up, and be grateful for the invitation.” I know business is business and we get paid for our work. Limmud does pay you. How much would it cost to fly international, pay for the festival and room and board for a week to showcase your music for 2500 people you would of never met if you didn’t get invited? Think about happy many new gigs you will be invited to perform from volunteering your time on this one. The successful business owners participate in trade shows. If this is your “business,” then it’s your job to share with the world your product. I played 5 gigs and also taught a workshop on writing Jewish spiritual music. I already have been invited to participate in a handful of other Limmuds all over the world. You may too. Just be open to showcase what you do.

A “golden opportunity” should be celebrated. I am grateful for the opportunity Limmud has given me and looking forward to be invited to share my music at conferences like this all over the world. Blessings and light!!!!

Top Of The World In Top 5 Music Videos of 2013-NY Blue Print
Posted // January 5th, 2014

Best Music Video 2013

I am beyond flattered that my new music video “Top Of The World” has been rated in the top 5 Music Videos of 2013 in The New York Blueprint!!! We are rated #2 right behind Moshav’s “World On Fire feat. Matisyahu.” The funny thing is BANCS media aka director Danny Knust and producer Erez Diwon Safar took home the winning for both 1 & 2!!! In third place was Shtar, 4th was Soulfarm and 5th was goof friend Ari Lesser. It is such an honor to be included in this cohort of artists. Thanks to all who have been watching the video. Please do continue sharing it with your entire community. I am inspired by the possibility of you sharing our creation!!! Thank you.


Happy New Year. Mikey Is Featured In
Posted // January 3rd, 2014

Examiner interview

Happy New Year Folks. 2014 is here!!!! To start the new year off fresh, I’m featured in with an interview talking about his new music video, “Top of The World.” I set the record straight and talk about the meaning of the video and of course share some specific behind the scenes info. I also talk about the future of Jewish Music and my new initiative Merkava Mentors. Take a look and share!


“Top Of The World” Featured in Skakefire
Posted // December 21st, 2013

Shake Fire
Wow to our surprise “Top Of The World” has been featured on Shakefire and right now is placed #5 in the most rated videos. Currently “Top Of The World” is rated higher than Kings of Leon and Britney Spears. Big shout out to our PR team Big Picture Media for really stepping it up and blasting our video out before the big holiday rush! Make sure to share the video with everyone you know. Bless!

Check Out The NEW “Top Of The World” (Official Music Video)
Posted // December 19th, 2013

After a few months of production, my new music video for “Top Of The World” is finally available. I’m sitting here in London totally excited to share the best music video I have ever released. I had the opportunity to work with BANCS Media, aka Danny Knust (who directed Hinei Mah Tov Eeoohh!) Erez Safar aka (diwon) who was the casting director and producer. We had a three day shoot, with exceptional weather and a miraculous cast and crew. Please enjoy and share this with everyone you know.

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