Be Vulnerable Crowd Action

Hello Family,
Thank you so much for sharing and supporting my RISE music video. We had over 1M views!
We’d like to re-launch the video, but this time, we’re inviting you to participate in being vulnerable. What happens when we get critical masses of people to step forward in being real? Can we usher in a new culture of authenticity in our world?
By participating, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a free ticket to one of my upcoming shows. We’ll be giving away 10 tickets.
We’ll be doing this through Unifyre, a platform that uses group momentum for real-world action. Don’t worry, it’s really fun and there’s no app download required. Here’s how it works:
1. FOLLOW this link to commit (Click on the “Join via SMS” option if you don’t want to download an app.):
2. Over the next week May 15-22, write down what you’re vulnerable about on a piece of paper and submit a photo check-in of yourself holding it up.
3. You’ll be presented a check-in badge that demonstrates you’ve followed through. Save it and paste it to the comment feed for this video to be entered into the raffle.
And of course, SHARE the video with your friends. Let’s create the world we all want to live in together. Thank you for joining me in this!