Happy New Year. Mikey Is Featured In Examiner.com
Posted // January 3rd, 2014

Examiner interview

Happy New Year Folks. 2014 is here!!!! To start the new year off fresh, I’m featured in Examiner.com with an interview talking about his new music video, “Top of The World.” I set the record straight and talk about the meaning of the video and of course share some specific behind the scenes info. I also talk about the future of Jewish Music and my new initiative Merkava Mentors. Take a look and share!


“Top Of The World” Featured in Skakefire
Posted // December 21st, 2013

Shake Fire
Wow to our surprise “Top Of The World” has been featured on Shakefire and right now is placed #5 in the most rated videos. Currently “Top Of The World” is rated higher than Kings of Leon and Britney Spears. Big shout out to our PR team Big Picture Media for really stepping it up and blasting our video out before the big holiday rush! Make sure to share the video with everyone you know. Bless!

“Top Of The World” (Official Music Video) Featured on Zimbio.com
Posted // December 19th, 2013

The secret is finally out….Today the new music video for “Top Of THe World,” is finally available to the public. We have been working on this video for the past few months and teamed up BANCS Media did an amazing job producing this new powerful music video. Big Picture Media just landed us a featured spot on Zimbio listed right in between David Beckham and Justin Bieber.

“The music video for Mikey Pauker’s “Top of the World” is bittersweet but entirely joyful, a beautifully shot celebration of life, love and light set in the glory of the California coast. It’s a fitting reflection of the song, which explores the idea that all living creatures are connected to spirit.”

Please share this with all of your communities and help us celebrate this monumental release.

Blessings,Zimio Screen Shot

Mikey Pauker’s Algemeiner Interview!!
Posted // November 5th, 2013


Mikey was featured in the Algemeiner!!! Take a look at the fun interview by clicking on the article. Enjoy!

Mikey Is One Of The 10 Stars Of New Jewish Music via TIME MAGAZINE!!!!
Posted // September 4th, 2013

Time Magazine

“Pauker’s official bio lists a smorgasbord of influences: folk, electronica, pop, hip-hop and reggae all get shout-outs, not to mention Bon Iver, Imagine Dragons and the XX. Pauker has an album coming out this fall.” Take a Look here!!!

Mikey is Featured In The Jewish Journal!!
Posted // September 1st, 2013

Jewish Journal

This month Mikey has been honored with being featured in the Jewish Journal. “I think everybody has the time when something shifts about them. You can’t say when it’s going to happen. I think that it also takes a lot of questioning and the process of being open to it and sharing it with others. If we just let these experiences go by us and we’re not paying attention to it, then we’ve just basically ignored the whole thing.” Read more here!!

Mikey Is Featured In Blue Print LA
Posted // August 15th, 2013

la blue print

Mikey was interviewed by Blue Print magazine. Read up here!

Breakthrough Artist In Jstyle Magazine!!! Guess Who???
Posted // August 13th, 2013

J Style

“On Oct. 1, Pauker will release his “Extraordinary Love” album followed by a world-tour. The album is a mix of folk and pop, with a twist of hip-hop. “The Light,” a track featuring ex-Hassidic gay rapper Y-Love, blends the two styles perfectly.” Click on the article to read more!

World Famous Music Critic George Robinson From The Jewish Week Interviews Mikey!
Posted // August 13th, 2013

Jewish Week

George Robinson writes “That is entirely appropriate since Pauker is a Californian, born and bred. Raised as a Reform Jew in Liguna Niguel, he describes himself as a “problem child” in shul, a kid who “acted out by talking” in class. But as he settled down, his interest in spirituality grew, as did his involvement in Jewish summer camps. When he went to San Francisco State as an undergraduate, he joined a Jewish fraternity, worked for the campus Hillel and made his first visit to Israel. Eventually he would spend time at a Carlebach-inspired yeshiva, “living chasidish, studying Tanya and mysticism, going to the mikveh every morning, wrapping myself in tefillin.” Read More here!!!

Breakthrough Jew… You Know Who!!!!!
Posted // August 8th, 2013

Shalom Life

“Pauker’s empathic, down-to-earth quality translates into his music, and that’s what’s getting him noticed. In an industry that’s riff with ego and posturing, it’s refreshing to see an artist who is genuinely interested and concerned with substance. Undoubtedly, big, big things are in store for this West Coast boy.” My friend Elizabeth Joy, actually came up with the idea to create the plantable music cds. Unfortunately this article misquoted me as that tends to happen in articles. She deserves the credit for this innovative idea!!

Catch up on the story by clicking on the article!