Chapter 2: The Legacy and Beyond

Arriving at familiar place yesterday, with all new members of the community was different than I thought it would be.  I was expecting to know only a small handful of people.  As the day continued, as the stories were told, I found out the quantity of people I know at Alonim are far more than I thought would be possible.  I’m meeting daughters, sons, nieces, and nephews of educational and musical innovators that I have crossed paths with over the course of my life.  We are all connected.  Connected in this network of legacy that I hope to understand on a deeper level.  As we sang at the bonfire last night our community came together to share a beautiful moment… the first time we shared songs of the Alonim legacy, and shared new melodies.

I woke up this morning and moved directly into Vinyasa Flow breathing in the beauty of this glorious place.  With each exhale I was breathing out my questions of how this day might be.  I was preparing for my first full day at Camp.

Today Jared, Ari and I lead the community in our first summer 2011 song session.  Our staff has enthusiasm and pride.   We all have voices.  We will build this community through song.  When the campers arrive next week our foundation will thrive.  WE will sing.  WE will rise up.