Check Out My Brand New Single Alignment Released On Beautiful Way Records!


I am beyond excited to drop single “Alignment” on my brand new record label  Beautiful Way Records today!!!!!

Within the chaotic and yet transformational year that we all know 2020, My life went through major transitions one being stepping into a chapter of heartbreak that I have never felt before. In the midst of this extremely painful experience I had the realization That regardless if she’s in my life I want her to have everything that she’s ever wanted. If it’s not with me then I hope she finds the right partner in the life that’s going to support her dreams. I started realizing that I really wanted all my past partners to have the same thing and I I’ve been going through a long process doing my best to get right in all my relationships. If something didn’t work out my hope is to bless that relationship and pray for the highest and most supportive outcome.

Imagine what would happen if we all did this? It sure would start a revolution. My hope is that you will sing the song keeping those in mind that you want to bless and send them on their way.

Big thanks to Jim Kaufman for producing and mixing this song and to Shiva Baum for your guidance.  Of course thanks to High Vibe Records for your collaboration with Beautiful Way Records!!