CLTC Session # 2 Comes To An End.. Session # 4 begins Tuesday.. Let's do this!

I have been living within the Appalachian Mountain’s, in Bethany College West Virginia as an artist in residence at BBYO’s CLTC summit.  We just finished our first session, and sent the teens back home today.  I have really gotten to know these kids and I feel blessed for the privilege of  being able to be here this summer.  Day after day we engaged in song sessions, and activities that inspired me as much as it very much so inspired them.  These teens put together powerful programs speaking of social justice, anti-semitism, prayer, communication skills, and really everything.  The men being in AZA and the women in BBG, each created their own mock chapters where they facilitated via parliamentary procedure, similar to what I did when I was a member of AEPi at San Francisco State University.  This session I was able to lead a few Jewish Yoga, and meditation classes.  I had 20+ participants in each class.  These teens loved the ability to connect soul,mind,breathe, and via prayer in body movement and song.  This next session i will continue to teach these yoga and meditation classes inspired by chumash, chassidut, using Eastern and Jewish modalities.


Time to pick up the new staff.  BTW get ready for a BRAND NEW RECORD to be released in 2013!!!!!!!!!

Blessings and Love,