Day 1: The Departure

So the day has finally come. In a few hours I will depart Orange County, California via Super Shuttle en route to LAX International Airport. I am meeting my fellow co-staff and air port personal from Birthright to prepare for our arrival of 40 participants of our Israel On Foot Trip. I have been preparing for my trip as a staff member of Birthright for a few months now. As I think back to my studies at AJU, and my experiential education class with Ron Wolfson, I think about his book, “The Art Of Welcoming,” and what my role REALLY is on this trip. I am indeed helping to facilitate a 10 day Jewish enrichment program geared toward the love for both Israel and the people living there. Yes, the 7 million and half residents who inhabit the land are diverse, just like us.. Jews from all different backgrounds, and from all over the US. Some religious, some not, some educated on the land, some who aren’t. It’s going to be a riot. I will be extending my stay after these 10 days to tour and study at Simchat Shlomo in Jerusalem. Wow… it’s time to go! I’ll update you as the days go on. Lila Tov!

Here’s an oldy:

Mikey Pauker – Compass from Eli Green on Vimeo.