European Tour: UK Day 1.. I’m Here!

Well after a 10 hour flight I am finally in London. Let me tell you, Virgin Atlantic is the airline to fly international if you have the ability to choose the airline. The lights were really posh, seats were comfortable and they even gave us guest bags. Every seat had free movies, tv shows, games, and music. Lucky for me they had a wonderful kosher meal. Funny thing is I was sitting next to a religious Muslim and he too was brought a special meal. The entire flight we talked about the similarities between Kosher and Halal, our faith, and mysticism. I found out in Islam it is acceptable to eat kosher meals and our slaughtering process is similar to them as well. After talking to him, I passed out most of the flight and woke up to a beautiful view of London’s lush beauty.

Going through Customs was easy as can be and my baggage came shooting out of the baggage re-claim belt. I was picked up by my host whom I met on air b2b, and so far so good. I just showered and now preparing for a HUGE day in the MIKEY PAUKER world. We are releasing something today…. are you ready>?!?

More to come kidz…