Everything Happens For A Reason

At 6am my alarm clock woke me up, and I started packing for the SawDust festival.  After a shower and a few trips loading my car I headed on my way to Laguna Beach from my new home at Camp Alonim in the Simi Valley.  It was bumper to bumper as soon as I merged on the 405 South.  Boom… I got in a car accident… the lady in front of me pumped her brakes way to quick… and lucky my car isn’t totaled.  My back in a wreck…  I hope I heal quick.  After picking up my rental, I made it to the SawDust only being a few minutes late.  Sammy Korshin, my old percussionist and dear friend joined and surprised me for my set this afternoon.  Playing with her was incredible.  It was our first time playing together in over 9 months, and it was like we never stopped playing together.  Today, I made new friends, saw old friends and played for a few hundred people.  The feedback was inspiring, and I look forward to another set at the Dust this sunday at 5pm.

If my car accident didn’t happen would I of sold as many records as I did?  Would I have had the same intention to inspire and heal the community?  Would I have bumped into Jamie Stein’s parents?  Do you know?  What do you think?  Everything happens for a reason…

I’ll be back at the Sawdust Sunday night from 5-9:30pm in the Tavern!!!!  Come celebrate CARMAGEDON in Laguna Beach, with Mikey!!!