Grateful Tour Day 2!!!

What a day.  After a seven hour drive, Jake and I arrived at KDVS Radio.  The studio was huge and the hosts of Right Meow radio show were very hospitable. Lien Do and Nicole greeted us with big hugs, and gave us a tour of the studio-which happens to have the second largest music library in the country. After our sound check, we did an interview, and went on with a kickass show! We performed for a whole hour with a packed room full of dancing animals (actually, just college kids dancing like their favorite animals…but still). It was a really amazing experience to perform live with an audience, and an incredible sound guy (hi Anthony!). They gave us a recording of the show, and our awesome friend Iris is letting us crash at her apartment for the night, where we plan on spending our evening drinking beers and playing cards. Now, we are contemplating our plans tomorrow for Berkeley before we play Cafe Gratitude, and how we can top tonight’s performance. Should we go to Occupy Berkeley, do yoga in the park, kidnap Iris? So many choices! I guess you’ll have to come meet up with us tomorrow evening at Cafe Gratitude at 7pm to see what we decided. Make sure to come early, and eat some yummy food.


Mikey and Jake