Grateful Tour Day 3!!!

Yesterday was crazyyyyy.  We woke up and had the opportunity to dine at our favorite breakfast spot in Davis” The Delta Venus.”  Our friend Alex from Camp Alonim joined us, and be all noshed on pesto bagels.  We then said goodbye to our wonderful hosts and headed down to Berkeley where we busked for a couple of hours right off Telegraph.  Jake  and I traveled to the Berkeley hills to hang out with his friends from Mission Viejo, and what do you know???  They all ended up being remarkable musicians, and we had an EPIC jam session.  A couple of them all went to music school and some were alumni at Berklee School Of Music in Boston.  It’s a totally different experience playing with trained professional musicians. After our Berklee jam in Berkeley, CA we headed to Cafe Gratitude, where we played a FANTASTIC all acoustic two hour set. Audience participation last night  was miraculous.  Every time we play at Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley the community collaborates with all their hearts and souls.  Post show my wonderful friend Jody Seltzer from Hava Nashira suprised me.  It was so beautiful to see my friends who came out to support our music.  Without your support we would be playing for an empty room.  I commuted to San Francisco last night and crashed at my boy Sam’s house.  One more jam sesh took place and I passed out.

We are leaving for Sacramento in a couple of hours!!!  I can’t wait to reunite with Elizabeth Joy, and Jared Stein for our live music video shoot.  We will check back later today with some awesome stories.  🙂  We are so grateful to be here.