Great Spirit Is Out Now!!!!


My long awaited single “Great Spirit” was just released today. This song is very dear to me. I speak upon a topic that feels deeply vulnerable.Just like so many of you I’ve found myself in cycles of addiction that ultimately served their purpose however I was numbing out instead of leaning in with connection. My prayer is to open up my heart that I can feel Great Spirit in every single moment.The goal is to dance with everything that comes. The beauty. The pain. Cause ultimately it’s for our growth.

Big thanks to Jim Kaufman for mixing and producing this track. Deep bows to you for your commitment and service!Thanks to my coach and A&R Shiva Baum for your support and helping bring this creation to life.Thanks to Dylan Howard on drums, Gregg Cash on bass and Alex Didonato on electric guitars, for your musical performance. We did it!

You can stream this track on Spotify, Apple Music and more!

Please leave a comment below and let me know how this song makes you feel. Thanks for being with me on this beautiful journey. ❤️