It's Official: Mikey Pauker will perform @ Jacob's Ladder Festival in Israel

BIG NEWS EVERYONE:  Yesterday I was offered a performance at the world famous Jacob’s Ladder festival in Israel.  I will be performing Friday May 4th at 1pm on one of the main stages.  I have been manifesting playing at this festival for a few months now, and somehow this amazing opportunity fell into my lap.  Big thanks to Harold Jacobs who booked me at his birthday show in Tel Aviv where he introduced me to the Israeli Folk Community.  After the show he has been helping me find more bookings all over Israel, including introducing me to the promoters for Jacob’s Ladder.  Also big thanks to my friend Jason Feddy who introduced me to Harold.  Jason and I have known each other for a couple of years and have had the ability to write some liturgical music together.  Jason is one of the most creative songwriters who has ever lived and I am so honored to be able to jam and write with him.

Now, that I am playing Jacob’s Ladder festival, I must find my own funding to come back home to California.  You are probably saying to yourself,” What is Mikey Talking about?”  Well watch this video and make sure to help me fund my way home on

Take a look and do what you can to donate to my cause. We only have 34 more days left.  Lets do this.