Join Mikey At The Thriving Artist Council in Salt Lake City, Utah! 6/11/21

Join Mikey Pauker for a full day of educational programming tailored for the developing live performance artist. Curriculum to include:
-Performance Pedagogy
-Set List curation
-PR & Marketing
-Booking Strategy & Tour Development
-Spiritual Practices For The Performing Artist
-Manifestation & Visualization Techniques
-Merkava Body Energy Practices
-Artist Council
Additionally attendees will additionally have the opportunity to share their songs in an open circle format, partake in a cacao ceremony and will become part of a growing council of conscious creates across the Globe!
Faculty includes:
Mikey Pauker (Conscious Rock Artist, Founder Of Thriving Artist Council)
Adam St. Simmons (Founder of Preamp Publicity)
Dave Brewer (Founder Of Clubhouse SLC)

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