Matot-Massei. Wake Up Now!!!!!

This weeks parsha “Matot-Massei,” comes to us on the first day of Av. This month we are supposed to diminish our joy.

My joy certainly feels diminished after what has taken place in the past 48 hours. One… suicide bomber targeted Israeli Jews who were on their way to a vacation resort in Bulgaria. We lost more than 6 Jews. We lost the potential of what they were creating. We lost their families. Many were injured at the site of the bombing. Their families and friends around the world are feeling great pain. I’m feeling pain too.

Earlier this morning a man in his mid 20’s opened fire in a movie theatre in Denver killing 12 and injuring 59.

Both events took place during Av’s Rosh Chodesh.. is this coincidence? Everything happens for a reason. THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL. In nine days we will mourn the loss of both the first and second temple, (Tisha Bav).

Rebbe Nachman and Reb Carlebach both bring up the idea that it is important to remember that we are mourning the loss, and to know the difference between mourning and between sadness and depression. Mourning is natural and we must let everything pass through our hearts. It can take time. Or if you choose it can take seconds. All in all we CAN choose how we mourn. Yes, it may be unpleasant. When we focus on sadness it can lead to despair. Despair can weigh both our communities and vessel’s down. We have the ability of literally healing our broken hearts by CHOOSING what we want to be in every single moment. If we are EMPOWERED by sadness we can choose to be that. Or we can CHOOSE Happiness. It works for me. When I feel sick, I tap into the state of mind of walking through the cobblestone streets of Tzfat and I feel this sense of euphoria rush through me and I am surrounded by happiness. Then my body heals itself. We can all tap into what inspires us to create new states of mind that shift our reality and the reality of the world.

We MUST pick ourselves back up when we fall, and continue to walk. What’s the alternative? Lie down? Maybe for a second.. feel the dirt .. feel your body on the ground… then get back up and walk with swagger.

This month of Av, as we prepare for Tisha Bav let us remember that mourning the loses of our temples in a part of being a human being. We must take time for mourning if we want to evolve. Then… wake up. Use this day as a wake up call to regain the possibility of living in a world with complete unity. Just like the past 48 hours of mourning, I have heard the wake up call and want you all to know that we are ONE and to stop the judgement. Let us see the holy sparks in our brothers and our sisters and help create the world to come. Let’s rebuild the temple by helping one another, studying torah, inspiring the world, helping ourselves. WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!!

On this Shabbos may you all be blessed with a RENEWED LOVE of the world. May we mourn the ones we lost and continue to to be thankful for our time here on this magnificent planet. We are loved. May you spread inspiration and light to all who come in contact with you.

Gooood Shabbos from CLTC Session 6 Bethany in West Virginia!
-Mikey Pauker