“Miss You” And The Crazy Story Behind My New Single!

A couple years ago during my day off from Flow Fest on the Big Island, I went swimming at Black Sand Beach. I journeyed to the waters edge and dipped my toes in the water. A rainbow came descended from the clouds to the horizon. I placed one foot in the ocean and I felt a hand grab my ankle and pull me in. I tried swimming back in. 5 minutes of panic and took my last breathe…………Tap. Tap. Tap on my chest…. I woke up on the beach to someone doing CPR on my heart. After meeting a friend who saw me on the beach I was reminded that I was supposed to make an offering to the water before getting in. I made an offering of shells to the ocean and sang at the oceans edge and the rainbow ascended.
When I share this song on the road and retell the story I usually can’t see a dry eye in the room. Some people have approached me after the show to say they witnessed me drown and also saw the rainbow. It’s not some silly folklore tale. For me “Miss You” is a song re-writing my trauma and transforming this traumatic experience into a love song. We don’t know what happens to the ones we love when they transition on. What if the ocean was my lost love who was pulling me out to be with her?
“Miss You” by Mikey Pauker, Brian Judah & Cas Haley
Produced by Joshua Penman
Artwork by Sidoniusrex