My New KickStarter Campaign Is Live!!!!!


Today is an exciting day!!!! These past few months I have been working diligently with my team to prepare the launch for my my band new KickStarter Campaign. We are raising $30,000 for the creation of my NEW FULL LENGTH ALBUM!!!!!!! I completed a collection of 10 powerful medicine songs based on my own healing, Jewish mystical stories, and spiritual experience. Every song on this album is a prayer. These songs give the listener the ability to transform obstacles into gifts. By contributing to my KickStarter you will be joining a movement where we value the power of prayer and intention as being just as powerful as any form of activism. Our prayer IS front line work.

I have a request of all you today:
-Please visit my Kickstarter Page by clicking on the picture above.
-Watch the video
-Read the back story and look at all the prizes you can win.
-Contribute financially.
-Share this post with anyone you know on all your social platforms.

Thank you for your support!!!

Blessings And Light,