Mystic Motion Minyan This Sunday January 8th!!!

Greetings creatures of this world. Happy New year!!! I wish you all a transformative year with lots of love and success!! This Sunday I will be hosting another Mystic Motion Minyan in Venice Beach, CA at 2pm Sunday January 8th.

Mystic Motion is a new and innovative minyan where participants authentically connect with the divine through experiential and innovative methods. Mystic Motion enables each of us to use our entire body in the process. During THIS series we will connect in immersed in the water floating on the waves and chanting hebrew mantras. We will have the opportunity to connect through estatic dance, chanting, pranayama meditation, yoga, affirmations, and dvar torah.

Please come out to Venice Beach at 2pm. I will update the website soon with more information regarding the event.

In the meantime check out this awesome music video by one of my favorite bands: COLDPLAY!

Coldplay – Paradise from Piyush on Vimeo.