Open Your Mouth And Just Ask: #Bringbackourboys

Prayer is a conversation. We ask and we do receive. We just have to be open to hearing answers through the miracles of the world. Maybe a stone showing up where we thought we over looked. Or a messenger who verbally communicates what we are thinking in that exact moment. These coincidences remind us that we are in fact all connected and on a journey with spirit. Open your eyes. Listen with your heart, feel with your core.

Prayer can in fact #bringbackourboys
Through verbalizing our pain and love for the world we become mindful human beings. A simple smile or seeing the divine in another has the power to create a chain reaction to shifting the consciousness of someone across the world. One interaction with another, and another and so on. If YouTube videos can become viral, so can our intentions and prayers. I pray for a safe return for our boys and all the children in our world who are being held against their will. #onelove #bringbackourboys #faith