Out Of The Abyss.. And into the forest

Yesterday I boarded the historic Queen Mary Ship, in Long beach California for the annual Jewlicious Festival. This time I participated not as a performer or a song leader. I was given the opportunity to speak about my the new groundbreaking initiative I have launched this year called Merkava Mantors. I had no expectations on what my role was going to be at this years years festival. We had a small turn out and yet a very powerful conversation about the blessing of participating in different types of mentorships. I spent the day reconnecting with friends I have not seen in years, and ones I have met on the road during my past year of traveling.

So for the past 5.5 months I have been working on my album. I have been tracking vocals, rewriting new songs, spending my life driving back and forth from LA to OC every few days. I would then leave for small regional tours, only to come back to this deep recording process. Soon after tracking and writing the album with my producer Diwon, we started our next process with our mixing engineer Danny. Mixing flipped everything on its head. I could finally hear sounds that i couldn’t hear in the tracking process and the songs were evolving rapidly. The mix changed the game, and I found myself being very critical over every second of the album. For me I have worked for months and months on this album and I wanted everything to be perfect. I still do. This was the most challenging project of my life. Some artists literally go crazy in the process of mixing an album. This is the Abyss… a place of loosing yourself in your art. Many artists do this.. Jim Carrey, Daniel Day Lewis, Bon Iver etc.. they get so lost in their music it’s hard to come back to reality. I feel like I have been in the Abyss and now I want to come out. I want to come out of this artistic vortex of sound and into the space I love doing what I do. For me climbing of the abyss means leaving all my artistic critiques in Laguna, and sharing my art with the world.

Now is the time to get lost in the forest. The forest, is a place of possibility. The open road. The trees for me represent the people I will inspire and learn from. See every person I come in contact with creates a space for me to tap into what I love about my music, and that’s simply to share.

When I tour I find myself taking time to get lost in the great outdoors and taking time to meditate and sing. On top of being with the people.

Yesterday I bumped into a rabbi at Jewlicious who told me that he finds “forests” in the middle of cities. This Rabbi lives in Montreal and he sometimes goes to abandoned buildings and sits in the staircase and pours his heart out to g-d. For him his “forest” is the space where he can hear the beautiful echo of his voice vibrate sound through the vacated spaces. For me my “forest” is the “people I meet on tour.” I live so I can share my music with the masses and have the ability to create beautiful moments for people to place in their back pockets. I bring the divine water for the trees to grow. The thing is we all water the forest with our gifts and I am so excited to be given the opportunity to water the forest once again.

This week I will head out to South By South West to perform at a couple of parties and to climb out of the Abyss and into the forest. I am thankful.