“We Are Safe” Out on Friday 8/21 w/ Ineffable Records
Posted // August 17th, 2020

BIG News! My new single: WE ARE SAFE comes out this Friday 8/21!!! I’ll be releasing this song with Ineffable Records which is home to such artists including: Steel Pulse, Mike Love, Trevor Hall, Nattali Rize and more!!!
Please click the artwork above to pre-save the single!! Looking forward to sharing this special song with you!!!!


Weaving Earth Festival Chapter 2: The Great Liberation
Posted // April 19th, 2020

Tomorrow I am hosting the second rendition of a brand new virtual music festival called: Weaving Earth Festival Chapter 2: The Great Liberation featuring: Mose, Marya Stark, Tubby Love & Amber Lily, Elijah Ray, George Bertelstein, Michael Brian Baker, Chava Mirel, Kayla Diana, Madhu Anziani and your truly.

About Weaving Earth Festival:
In this time of global reset we have the opportunity to actually create the ripples of change needed to sustain a healthy planet for the generations to come. Let us turn away from actions and ideas based on scarcity and fear. Now is the time to share ideas and inspiration to build a brighter future. One that acknowledges our intrinsic connection with EARTH and all beings living here. Plants, Animals, Human Beings are all connected and because of that we are all impacted by the great change sweeping through our global reality. The weaving Earth Festival invites us to share ideas of hope and inspiration featuring some of the most profound wisdom keepers and transformational musicians.

Chapter Two’s theme is The Great Liberation. My thought about this is that we are globally impacted by COVID and at the same time the fear. There is nothing wrong with fearing the virus as many in my community do. It’s a human emotion. In my Earth Based Torah class that I am participating in this semester, we have been studying the impact of plagues. In the story of Passover the”10 Plagues” was a time of great challenge for the Egyptians and at the same time these plagues were an act of liberation for the Israelites. I’ve been sitting with how I can honor what IS, and at the same time envision the way this virus is creating liberation for all people. I see this liberation creating new sustainable systems that truly hold all life being sacred and brought from the margins into the center.

Join us for our second Virtual Weaving Earth Festival on Sunday April 19th from 8:30am-8pm (PT). Each act will host their offering on their own Facebook Artist or Business pages. I play at 10am on my facebook artist page: Mikey Pauker Artist Page
See ya soon!!

“Miss You” And The Crazy Story Behind My New Single!
Posted // January 24th, 2020

A couple years ago during my day off from Flow Fest on the Big Island, I went swimming at Black Sand Beach. I journeyed to the waters edge and dipped my toes in the water. A rainbow came descended from the clouds to the horizon. I placed one foot in the ocean and I felt a hand grab my ankle and pull me in. I tried swimming back in. 5 minutes of panic and took my last breathe…………Tap. Tap. Tap on my chest…. I woke up on the beach to someone doing CPR on my heart. After meeting a friend who saw me on the beach I was reminded that I was supposed to make an offering to the water before getting in. I made an offering of shells to the ocean and sang at the oceans edge and the rainbow ascended.
When I share this song on the road and retell the story I usually can’t see a dry eye in the room. Some people have approached me after the show to say they witnessed me drown and also saw the rainbow. It’s not some silly folklore tale. For me “Miss You” is a song re-writing my trauma and transforming this traumatic experience into a love song. We don’t know what happens to the ones we love when they transition on. What if the ocean was my lost love who was pulling me out to be with her?
“Miss You” by Mikey Pauker, Brian Judah & Cas Haley
Produced by Joshua Penman
Artwork by Sidoniusrex

Tour Announcement: Light It Up: A Hanukkah Tour w/ Equanimous
Posted // December 4th, 2019

Looking forward to hitting the road this Hanukkah with my brother Equanimous! We are visiting some of our favorite communities on the west coast! Big love to our openers Marya Stark, Mad Hallelujah, Kayla Diana, Kindred and more TBA! Thanks to Liron Artzi and Clara Angel Zahorsky from Kindred Creations for launching this new tour with us!
12.20: Felton Music Hall (Santa Cruz, CA)
W/ Marya Stark
12.23: EVE Vegan Eats (Encinitas, CA)
12.24: AWA OASIA (Los Angeles, CA)
12.27: Private Location (Bay Area, CA)
12.28: Miners Foundry Cultural Center(Nevada City, CA)
W/ Mad Hallelujah, Kayla Diana & Kindred
12.29: Jackson Wellsprings, Ashland, OR. (Ashland, Oregon)
See you soon fam!

Mikey Pauker @ The Joshua Tree Music Festival 2020!!!!
Posted // November 7th, 2019

I’m honored to be playing at the spring Joshua Tree Music Festivals with the likes of: Moonhooch, Afrolicious, Mamuse and more! Grab your tickets!

Mikey Pauker In Nevada City & SF w/ The Human Experience, Gone Gone Beyond & Moontricks
Posted // August 28th, 2019

I’m stoked to be joining my friend David Block the founder of both: The Human Experience and Gone Gone Beyond with special guests Moontricks and yours truly. I’m stoked to return to play The Miner’s Foundry (Nevada City) and Public Works SF (San Francisco)! I have always wanted to play these two venues! Grab tix before they sell out!


On Tour With Mike Love This Week!!!!
Posted // July 14th, 2019

Greetings fam! I’m home fresh from playing at Cali World Fest and resting up today before I head out on tour with Mike Love this week all over the Midwest! Looking forward to seeing you and your loved ones at these shows!!

Mikey Pauker 2019 Summer Tour!!
Posted // May 21st, 2019

Looking forward to an amazing summer of touring! Mark you calendars!!!!

Posted // May 17th, 2019

BIG NEWS: This June I join my dear friends Shantala for the second round of The SHALOM Tour and this time we are blessing up the North West!! We will be sharing sacred song and story weaving Hebrew, Sanskrit and World music chants. Our tour last year in the southwest was incredible and I’m looking forward to bringing this one of a kind experience to all my friends in the Cascades! I’m giving thanks for this beautiful collaboration with Benjy & Heather Werthheimer and Greg Barnett!!

6/13 @ Jackson Wellsprings (Ashland, OR)
6/14 @ Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (Carvallis, OR)
6/15 @ Saraha Nyingma Buddhist Temple (Eugene OR)
6/16 @ The Movement Center, (Portland, OR)
6/18 @ Madrona Mindbody Institute (Port Townsend, WA)
6/21 @ Altar Movement Studio ( Harbor, WA)
6/22 @ Center Church (Lopez Island, WA)
6/23 @ Two Dog Yoga (Seattle, WA)

Tickets will be available online!

Summer Niggun (Scott Nice Remix) Available Now!
Posted // April 6th, 2019

I’m stoked to release “Summer Niggun (Scott Nice Remix)!!! You can stream the song on Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora! If you want to grab a download make your way to my page on Bandcamp.