Parsha Balak


Hey everyone!  Looks like my postings of the weekly Parshot have been stirring up some interest online.  So take a look at  last weeks and let me know what you think.

“Last week’s parsha “Balak,” reminds us that we are vessel’s for blessing and prophecy. Balak summons Balaam to go curse the people of Israel. Hashem sends down an angel to block his way. Balaam attempts to pronounce curses, and instead he sends blessings. From giving these blessings he describes a prophecy containing the end of days and the times of moshiach,(messiah).

Moving eh? I think so.

Hashem has our back. Even when evil tries to find us, we have a powerful team member (the divine) to help guide and protect us. Our rock, shield and and redeemer.

When we focus on GIVING blessings to our communities, we are more open to experiencing the present moment and being open for absolute possibilities in the future. REMEMBER our bodies are VESSELS.. we are so much more than a physical self. We are more than our souls. We are…. you tell me.

What are we?

I believe we are whatever we choose to be. Choose powerfully. Manifest it through your language. Be a channel for the miraculous.

On this Shabbos may you give and receive as many blessings as you can, and stay present and open to everything that comes your way.

Good Shabbos from BBYO CLTC Session 4 in West Virginia!!”