Recording with Diwon at Studio BANCS in LA! Sponsored By Meshuga 4 Sushi!

I have started production for my full length record with world renown producer Diwon( Y-Love, Bonhom) and the CEO of record label and agency Shemspeed & BANCS.  Diwon is also an incredible dj mixing in elements of dub step, hip hop, electronic pop, and world beat.  I wanted to work with a producer who could take my folk sound and mash it up with electronic, and world beat music.  As you know I have been dropping folk records both with Sim Shalom in 2010 and Mikey Pauker & the JoyMachine in 2011.  Now we are innovating a new genre authentically inspired by Chassidut, Chumash, tehilim, and mysticism.  Diwon is giving me a production makeover.  Be on the look out for new singles being released in  early 2013, and for a full length release sometime in 2013.. to be determined when with some BIG surprises. Here is our first video update from the studio.  Enjoy and happy holidays!!
Mikey Pauker