Say Yes (Equanimous Remix) To Be Released on January 25th!!

In one week I release: Say Yes (Equanimous Remix)!!!!!!
I have been working hard with some of my favorite DJ’s and producers including Equanimous, KR3TURE, Scott Nice, _themattscientist_ and more to put out a handful of Remixes from ASCENSION. You can “Pre-save” the Remix by Clicking on the album Artwork and be one of the first hear the song!!!!!

(Pre-saving automatically adds the Remix to your Spotify library and a playlist of your choosing on the day it is released. The more Pre-saves the Remix receives the more chances my song will be included in an Exclusive Spotify playlists and be discovered my potentially millions of people.)

SO PLEASE PRE-SAVE!!!! One week until lift off!!!!