Singing For The Soldiers

I had the most wonderful day. Davened at the kotel, bumped into the rabbi who basically gifted me my teffilin last year. His step farther is a well known Chabad Rabbi. After speaking with him he asked if I was a Levy, especially because Levy were the musicians of the temple and all had red hair.. as do I. I told him I am a Yisrael, and he urged me to reconsider…

I went on my day to meet up with a close friend of mine who works for the organization “Thank Israeli Soldiers” in the old city. I somehow found my way there after walking through the narrow streets of the Jewish quarter. I walked into the house and was amazed by the spectacular architecture. Was I in a palace? My friend walked me up to the roof and told me to not look at the view until we were at the top. The view was overlooking the temple mount and we could see the actual space around the monument. This is the same place Abraham was sent to sacrifice Issac, where our temples stood, where our tabernacle is barried, the muslims say it’s way muhamed ascent to heaven. My friend and I caught up and then she left me to meditate and do yoga over looking tis beautiful view of the temple mount, arab quarter and mount of olives. I asked the divine to allow me to give back in a major way. All of a sudden the Muslim call to prayer blasted all over the old city as I was in heart center position. I felt this surge of energy, and tears started to rush.

I started to leave the the palace to meet with a new friend where the “king” of the palace invited me to sing for soldiers and his organization at an army base in the gush. I always have wanted to sing to the troops and accepted his invitation. I went to a feast with my friend, then picked up my minstrel instrument (guitar) and rushed to the old city for our ride. As we were leaving Jerusalem for the east, I realized we were crossing the green line. We were on the road towards hebron.

We arrived on the base. Bases are private.. we had a special permit. I was able to facilitate a Shira with the world famous Yitzhak Mayer. (Idan Raichel used to and still does sing to the Israeli soldiers). We sang to Israeli soldiers from all over the world. Some were from Ethiopia, Russia, Spain, France, South Africa. Some were born in Israel, however it was a diverse group of soldiers united by serving to protect the citizens of Israel. We were welcomed with hugs, smiles, high fives, and powerful singing. A general spoke, we sang, a rabbi blessed them, we danced, singing Matisayhu, Bob Marley, Yachad, Shlomo Carlebach, Rabbi Nachman songs.

I was soldier tonight serving the young soldiers who live in a country where everyone must serve. For the very first time in my life, it was touching to give back to the soldiers . After the event many soldiers came up to us and thanked us, they were transformed. They were fully in joy I was in simcha (joy) with all of them. They felt connected. Music has the power to elevate our existence in ways speech cannot. Tonight I really saw that.

I am blown away. We ALL have voices regardless of what you may say or think. Use it to generate and recreate melodies that inspire you. When you are inspired the word shifts. Tonight the world shifted. Did you feel it?!?