Tears Of Gratitude!!

This morning I walked from old Jaffa in Tel Aviv to the Beach and had my pre shabbos mikveh. Purifying my soul for the first Shabbos I have ever spent with my parents in Israel. They are arriving soon.

I am now safely in Jerusalem and heading out to meet them. Tonight I will spend Shabbos with them at Rabbi Shalom Brodt’s House in Nahloat. I am overflowing with excitement.

A couple of days ago I moved from Emik Refayim to Katomon. I arrived and my friend asked if I wanted to join her in meditation. Instead of joining her, I wrapped teffilin and caught up on shachris and mincha. As soon as I arrived at the Shoemona Esrei, I felt a pop in my heart. I started crying. Memories of the past week rushed through my head of spending powerful experiences in Jerusalem. Faces of friends. Teachers. People on the street. I took three steps back and 3 steps forward, and had to sit down embracing myself. I was feeling tears of gratitude being able to be here again. I was feeling grateful to perform 18.. plus one one personal prayer. I was feeling gratitude to getting present with the miracles in my life. I stood back up and cried my way though the Amidah. By the end of my practice I felt completely transformed.

I then went to a class ay Yeshiva Simchat Shlomo where Shlomo Katz was giving a shir on Pesach Shemeni. His shir literally about the having the type of prayer where you can’t even utter a word because you crying so deeply. He spoke about how to ask for a second chance and that with the right intention and coming from your heart’s center and speaking into the “yes” that g-d can’t possibly say no to us. We are not giving “no” an option. At the same time knowing whatever happens we are unattached and just committed to the results. I was so touched by the class that I almost started crying right in that moment. How could he possibly be talking about what I just went through 30 minutes before? How can that work? It makes sense.

Shlomo Katz and I connected after the class. We both gave each other blessings and he went on his way to LA to perform. We have very similar careers and we are going to keep in contact. I have been trying to see him speak for years now and I am so grateful for his Shir and blessings.

These miracles happen everyday and they will get stronger until Shavuos. We have three more weeks of miracles and tears before we receive the divines ultimate gift to us, the Torah.

On this Shabbos may you be blessed with Mumashhh miracles and feel truly connected to the divine source. Post shabbos connect to the fire of Lag B’omer!

Come see me at Jacobs Ladder Festival Next thursday and friday:

Good Shabbossss from Jerusalem!! Shabbooos Kodesh!!!!
MIkey Pauker