Thank you Santa Cruz & San Francisco!!

Well it’s Thursday night and I am finally back to San Francisco after a delightful evening with the Shapiro family for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I seriously almost passed out after eating a plate pilled high off tryptophan.  G-d knows how I have the energy to fill you in on the success of “The Grateful Tour.”

Monday night we performed at Cafe Gratitude in Santa Cruz.  This by far was one of the most energetic and out of the box shows we have played this whole tour.  The Santa Cruz gig definitely paved the way for our VERY successful show in San Francisco.  During our Santa Cruz show Jake and I sang/free-styled the Cafe Gratitude mission statement during one of the breakdowns during one of our songs.  The crowd participated, and the whole room was transformed.

Our show last night at Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco was a perfect conclusion to our fall tour.  Let me map it out for you:  I show up with a few friends.  My audience slowly trickles in and we begin our performance at 7pm on the dot.  Every song was spot on.  At 8pm we take a brief intermission and more of my family arrive.  Our second set engages the crowd so much that the entire room is singing along and dancing around the room.  I have never seen anything like this before.  It is beautiful.  I was conducting a choir.. a choir of my friends and family.  Wow it was amazing.

We might be be returning to SF in early January.. I will keep you posted.  Make sure to put our gig at Hotel Cafe on your calendar. 12/10 11pm!!!!