The Divine Flow

YK Pic

You know special days when everything is in the “divine flow?” You know.. things just flow together it’s almost like a movie? Yesterday I had the opportunity to lead BBYO PWR in YK services with both Erel Israel and Simone. Erel gave one of the most entertaining and deeply connecting dvar torahs I have ever heard. For me as a leader I was able to facilitate the ritual by contributing song, kevanot and story. I felt PRESENT and connected to the community. Post the service a man thanked me because he communicated that he never connects with services and felt inspired and transformed by the experience. He asked if I was a rabbi. i said no. He asked if I was a canter, I said no. I said I was a “folk singer, who was deeply thankful for the opportunity to make liturgy, blessings and ritual relatable.”

With a free afternoon I drove to Malibu, sat up on the rocks and was immersed by the beautiful waves hitting the shore. I opened by guitar case and began channeling something, a song came to be. I don’t sit down to write, usually something happens when I am in the right moment where words and melody move through me. The coastline sitting beneath the Getty Villa and looking down at Santa Monica, and Venice Beach was remarkable.

I was HUNGRY. However, this year I was committed to making this a day of purely blessing and meditation. So with that I did not eat. I sat thinking abot food, my year and sitting in gratitude even though my stomach was eating itself.

Erel’s father David, invited me to Kehilat Israel the Reconstructionist congregation in the Pacific Palisades and for a break fast at his house. I walked into the sanctuary and those “disney eyes” of Julie Silver shined up at me. Julie was leading the congregation in Yitzchor and Neila services with Rabbi Amy. I sat and supported the community of who have died. We said a prayer for the 6 million, and Julie began singing, I broke down into tears. She really gets it. She understands how to take the community on a journey. She takes her time and makes prayer authentic and easily understandable. The Rabbi spoke with such power and sang melodies that raising the Ruach in the room, this rabbi sang with all her heart and soul, delivered stories based in almost what seemed chasidic and mystical understandings of the blessings and accompanied Julie beautifully. Following a beautiful Havdallah I was able to eat my first piece of bread.

I went to the Israel’s house for break the fast. We ate delicious, food, shared stories, manifestations for the year, Erel delivered his dvar once again and I performed a few of my songs. This family really understands how to create space for life changing moments. They spoke in this house with authenticity and love. They were also PRESENT, and purely selfless. To be honest it was a nice coming home back to Socal and to have a valuable experience with this family, and community. Everyone at the party really welcomed me in as a stranger and shared that my music inspired them to connect deeply with the spirit.

Follwoing the party I checked out Craig Taubman’s new Pico Union Project break the fast. It was great bumping into Josh Goldberg, Rick Lupert, Addie Lupert, Matt Baram, D.j. Markuson, Sam Rotenbaum, and others. Eric Shwartz is one of the funniest comedians I Have ever seen. The space was a gem and I can’t to see what they do with the building.

All in all the flow was fun. I hope to experience more days like this. Filled with gratitude. Excited to make new friends. Excited to see old friends. Excited to discover and be reminded that there is much to learn. Much to be created. Much to be PRESENT with. Bless.