The Exodus Begins… Passover In The Desert!

Today I will travel four hours north to the city of Ballarat, an old ghost town where I will turn off the road to my final destination at the Panamint Velley Desert. I will be serving as an artist in Residence at Wilderness Torah’s Passover In The Desert. I will be offering Jewish Music, Chanting, Yoga and ritual along with other artists in residences Rachel Rose Reid and Rabbi Mike Commins. May you all enjoy a transformative Chag and break free from negative forms of behavior. May you experience the mitzvot in new ways that help free you from all the blockages in your life. Here is something I posted about the JCC Shooting:
“My prayers go out to the victims at the JCC in Kansas City. I will continue to have an open heart and generate freedom in my thoughts and prayers even though some people want us to live in fear. I’m not afraid of you. We must transform the evil (amalek) by generating love and powerful education. Anyone can be transformed.”