The SawDust and The Tower

After spending five weeks at Alonim as a song leader, tomorrow I will embark back to Laguna Beach for an early afternoon set at the SawDust festival.  I play from 11:30-4:30 pm and will be playing a set every other half an hour.  There are three stages at the festival this year, so make sure to come to the Tavern stage by the refreshments stands.  I’ll have the new download cards/stickers available for purchase, and I will be rockin’ my new prayer beads.  Come and say hi, and gift one of my download cards to one of your friends.

Last week Jared Stein, and a few friends of mine drove one of the camp vehicles up to an abandoned water tower in the hills of the Simi Valley.  We all climbed inside, and recorded a live take away show that will be available in the near future.  The reverb in this water tower was out of this world, and reminiscent of The Fleet Foxes’s last record.

Oh yea, I have been writing like crazy and have a bunch of new tunes to share.  So I’ll see you tomorrow!!!