This Concert Will Empower YOU. The Big Tent Update.

Come be part of the most powerful and extraordinary concert in the Universe. This performance features the entire world. We will include you into the experience of Mikey Pauker & The JoyMacine. Joy will fill your souls to the brim. Laughter and love will shine through. Love will be present.

We are committed to creating this environment for you and all your friends and family who are joining us. Bring who empowers you. Bring people you want to inspire. Bring 1 person or bus loads!!!

We play at 11:30am sharp!!!!

Come at 11am to mingle with your community and prepare for this musical experience.

$6 online and $9 at the door
All ages!!

Let’s play together.

Enjoy this moment!!

See you on October 16th!!
-Mikey Pauker & The JoyMachine