Awake! Arise! The time is now to protect our water! Water is life!


“Hitor’ri hitor’ri ki va orech,
kumi ori,
uri uri shir dabeiri
k’vd adonai alayich niglah”

Awake, awake your light has come! Arise, shine , awake and sing;
the Eternal’s Glory dawns upon you.

These poetic words composed by Rabbi Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz, a verse in the poetic song Lecha Dodi, rings in my head as a wake up call. Our brothers and sisters at Sacred Stone Camp in Standing Rock are on the front lines standing up for all people so that we will have clean water for all generations to come. The 280 indigenous tribes have gathered from all over the world to stop the DAPL which threatens to contaminate clean drinking water for the Standing Rock Sioux. This is a historic moment in time. However as a country and a people were are persuaded by what the corporations and the media are feeding us. Our focus has been this presidential election. Neither presidential candidates have spoken at all about The Dakota Access Pipeline in the 3 presidential debates. Why not? Perhaps they are funding the building of the pipeline? It is our time to wake up and to stand together advocating, educating and praying for the protection of our sacred land and water. The people who are on the land are peaceful protectors of water not violent protestors. However we are being pushed back and assaulted by the use of tanks, rubber bullets, hate speech, pepper spray, tasers and you name it. Yesterday I was informed that a sweet lodge was violently ripped apart by law enforcement as ceremony was happening inside, and all were taken into custody. Peaceful protectors are praying on the land with cedar and sage and law enforcement are confiscating our sacred herbs in the face of peaceful prayer. Now we are not able to pray on our land? This has gone too far.

I have been able to tour our world inspiring communities to connect with Spirit in authentic and embodied ways. I have met tens of thousands who are now integrating spiritually embodied daily practices into their daily lives. Why is this happening? From what I have seen from performing at transformational music festivals many have learned these practices because of the ceremony brought by the Lakota and other indigenous tribes. For the people who have yet to experience these transformational gatherings we are inspired by the music we listen to. For almost the past decade I have been visiting Jewish communities working with all generations, and denominations to help connect each individual with Creator through music. Now touring to festivals and communities where all faiths gather my network of musicians and collaborators has significantly grown. It’s time for us to raise our voices and to share our prayers so that we can advocate for the safety and protection of our sacred land and waters.

On this Shabbos I am inviting you all to share a prayer for the protection of our peaceful protectors at Standing Rock and for the protection of our sacred land and water. Arise! Wake up family! Let’s gather in prayer and bless up those who need our support. Spirit has our back!

I am considering holding Shabbos prayer at Standing Rock in the next couple of weeks and if you are interested lets gather and welcome in the divine goddess at Sacred Stone Camp! Lets gather on the land and pray as one people.