“We Are Safe” Is Out Now! Go Stream it!

Dear Family,

When I wrote my new single “We Are Safe”, I was scared out of my wits.

This year like most everyone… I witnessed situations, events and traumatic images, both personally and globally, the magnitude of which I never could have ever before imagined.

There were too many moments to count when the world I woke up to became unrecognizable and looking very much like a nightmare.

In a time when myself and my closest friends and family felt most terrified, I finally reached a breaking point where I could no longer tolerate another moment of being suffocated by the fear that had consumed me.

While at the same time feeling so completely powerless, I wanted to take a stand and most sincerely try to at least make an attempt to contribute something to the planet that could be of help and assistance to those of us who wanted to regain and return to a place of strength within, self reliance, safety and healing from this avalanche of trauma both in the present and from the ghosts of my past unresolved that kept turning up in my psyche throughout this year like ghouls from a classic Stephen King horror novel.

I discovered there were many places in my being of grief from my childhood still unhealed. This year has unearthed and uprooted so much.

This song is a prayer, an affirmation, a mantra and ultimately a statement of hope. My wish for all of us, is that this song is of help during those isolating moments of fear, doubt, when it appears that all is lost and we may feel left alone where there is no where else to turn.

Ultimately this song is an anthem of Faith and the inner journey of developing the belief in the possibility of arriving at the moment where reconciliation within becomes reality.

Even as I share this and as the song is being released into the world, fires in California are raging… sacred land inhabited by some of my dearest friends and inspirational leaders of sacred music who have now been ordered to evacuate without any certainty that they will have a home to return to.

My heart continues to ache and it is only through my daily spiritual practice and my unwavering belief in the power of Music itself, that I haven’t broken to the point where I’ve become paralyzed/immobilized in the face of the year I never expected to find myself or any of us in.

Thank you for listening and receiving this music and whatever elixir it may contain for you. Please keep up the fight to keep your heart open, even in the moments where it feels and appears that that the world is conspiring to crush it. And know without a doubt that I am in your corner fighting along side with you, with the hope and the faith that we will ALL live to see the day arrive where we can be reunited together again and sing this song to each other.

I’ll look forward to meetIng you there and hearing how loud WE will sing.

From my heart to yours,