Weaving Earth Festival Chapter 2: The Great Liberation

Tomorrow I am hosting the second rendition of a brand new virtual music festival called: Weaving Earth Festival Chapter 2: The Great Liberation featuring: Mose, Marya Stark, Tubby Love & Amber Lily, Elijah Ray, George Bertelstein, Michael Brian Baker, Chava Mirel, Kayla Diana, Madhu Anziani and your truly.

About Weaving Earth Festival:
In this time of global reset we have the opportunity to actually create the ripples of change needed to sustain a healthy planet for the generations to come. Let us turn away from actions and ideas based on scarcity and fear. Now is the time to share ideas and inspiration to build a brighter future. One that acknowledges our intrinsic connection with EARTH and all beings living here. Plants, Animals, Human Beings are all connected and because of that we are all impacted by the great change sweeping through our global reality. The weaving Earth Festival invites us to share ideas of hope and inspiration featuring some of the most profound wisdom keepers and transformational musicians.

Chapter Two’s theme is The Great Liberation. My thought about this is that we are globally impacted by COVID and at the same time the fear. There is nothing wrong with fearing the virus as many in my community do. It’s a human emotion. In my Earth Based Torah class that I am participating in this semester, we have been studying the impact of plagues. In the story of Passover the”10 Plagues” was a time of great challenge for the Egyptians and at the same time these plagues were an act of liberation for the Israelites. I’ve been sitting with how I can honor what IS, and at the same time envision the way this virus is creating liberation for all people. I see this liberation creating new sustainable systems that truly hold all life being sacred and brought from the margins into the center.

Join us for our second Virtual Weaving Earth Festival on Sunday April 19th from 8:30am-8pm (PT). Each act will host their offering on their own Facebook Artist or Business pages. I play at 10am on my facebook artist page: Mikey Pauker Artist Page
See ya soon!!