Co-Headlining Colorado Tour w/ Max Ribner & 1st Language Just Announced!
Posted // July 27th, 2022

Hey Fam! I will be heading out on a co-headlining Front Range tour in Colorado with Max Ribner & 1st Language this September.

9/11: Unison Festival w/ Max Ribner & 1st Language (Aztec, NM)

9/14: Roots Music Project opening support by Katie Wise (Boulder, CO)

9/15: Back Yard Concert opening support by Sierra Marin (Fort Collins, CO)

9/16: Sons Of Italy opening support by Andy Babb & Laura Elle (Denver, CO)

9/17: Holistic Artist Immersion (Boulder, CO)

Click the above picture to grab tickets for each event.

Great Spirit Is Out Now!!!!
Posted // June 17th, 2022


My long awaited single “Great Spirit” was just released today. This song is very dear to me. I speak upon a topic that feels deeply vulnerable.Just like so many of you I’ve found myself in cycles of addiction that ultimately served their purpose however I was numbing out instead of leaning in with connection. My prayer is to open up my heart that I can feel Great Spirit in every single moment.The goal is to dance with everything that comes. The beauty. The pain. Cause ultimately it’s for our growth.

Big thanks to Jim Kaufman for mixing and producing this track. Deep bows to you for your commitment and service!Thanks to my coach and A&R Shiva Baum for your support and helping bring this creation to life.Thanks to Dylan Howard on drums, Gregg Cash on bass and Alex Didonato on electric guitars, for your musical performance. We did it!

You can stream this track on Spotify, Apple Music and more!

Please leave a comment below and let me know how this song makes you feel. Thanks for being with me on this beautiful journey. ❤️

Mikey Pauker Returns To LA April 12th 2022
Posted // March 14th, 2022

Join Mikey Pauker during his “Jah Is Everywhere Tour” as he returns to LA for one night to play at the legendary Mystic Manor. He will eb joined bu Dejah Gomez for a devotional chant set and to open up the night a heart activating cacao ceremony lead by the founder of LBR8XPRNCE.  Tickets are limited and are on sale now. Grab them before they sell out!

We Are Safe (DJ Taz Rashid Mix) -Available Now!!!!
Posted // January 7th, 2022

Happy New Year! I just dropped a brand new single : We Are Safe (DJ Taz Rashid Mix) and I couldn’t be more excited!!! This is a collaboration with one of my favorite producers in the game. I’ve been a longtime fan of DJ Taz. Big love to High Vibe Records for releasing this with us. Enjoy streaming it on all your favorite online music platforms. If you like it, please share through your network. I hope this reimagined take on “We Are Safe” inspires you in the days to come. Here’s to a sweet year with LOTS of new music!



A Cozy House Concert Tour 12/7-12/12 In Colorado
Posted // December 1st, 2021

Hey there fam! Happy Hanukkah! Next week I’ll be returning to Colorado for a special run of shows in Colorado!!!

12/7/21 @ Manitou Springs, CO

12/8/21 @ Denver, CO

12/9/21 @ Boulder, CO

12/11/21 @  Longmont, CO

12/12/21 @ Eldorado Springs, CO

Big thanks to our incredible line up of openers: Andy Babb & Laura Elle, Erica Shapiro, Nolle Kalajian and Thom Lafond.

To grab tickets please visit my Facebook Artist Page and you will see all the events listed. Click on teh show(s) you are interested in joining and you can find links to tickets.

Looking forward to reconnecting with you and celebrating this beautiful holiday season!





Join Mikey At The Thriving Artist Council in Salt Lake City, Utah! 6/11/21
Posted // May 21st, 2021

Join Mikey Pauker for a full day of educational programming tailored for the developing live performance artist. Curriculum to include:
-Performance Pedagogy
-Set List curation
-PR & Marketing
-Booking Strategy & Tour Development
-Spiritual Practices For The Performing Artist
-Manifestation & Visualization Techniques
-Merkava Body Energy Practices
-Artist Council
Additionally attendees will additionally have the opportunity to share their songs in an open circle format, partake in a cacao ceremony and will become part of a growing council of conscious creates across the Globe!
Faculty includes:
Mikey Pauker (Conscious Rock Artist, Founder Of Thriving Artist Council)
Adam St. Simmons (Founder of Preamp Publicity)
Dave Brewer (Founder Of Clubhouse SLC)

Reserve your spot now:

Mikey Pauker Live @ Chocolatree Garden 6/7
Posted // May 20th, 2021

Looking forward to returning to Sedona on Monday 6/7!!! I will be playing at the world renown Chocolatree Organic Cafe w/ on opening set by Rama The Avatar. The concert will take place in the garden space behind the venue. We will sell out!

For Tickets:


Mikey Pauker Shares About Conscious Music @ The Knockturnal
Posted // January 13th, 2021

Mikey has been featured in The Knockturnal alongside the Don’t Block Your Blessings Virtual Music Festival. Mikey talks about “Conscious Music”, his recovery from his accident and what’s to come in 2021!

Rise (DJ Taz Rashid Remix) Streaming Now on Spotify, Apple Music and More!!!!
Posted // September 22nd, 2020

I’m totally excited to be releasing this brand new remix of RISE featuring one of my favorite downtempo and yoga music producer’s DJ Taz Rashid. It’s been almost three years since the release of the original “RISE” music video which brought over 1.2 million souls together to celebrate vulnerability. We are in a time of great divisiveness and I truly believe that the gift of vulnerability and song have the power to be the golden bridge that will unite all beings in this great awakening. My prayer is that we continue to wake up to the power within each of us. May we lay down our armor and connect heart to heart as we weave this new world together.

RISE Yoga Challenge
Starting today I’m launching the #riseyogachallenge
Here’s how you participate:
Film yourself doing yoga to the Rise (DJ Taz Rashid Remix) via your IG story.
Tag @mikeypauker and @djtazrashid and use the hashtag #riseyogachallenge
Have fun!
I will keep track of all the submissions and pull your name out of a hat. The winner will receive
1 private 60 minute zoom concert for you and your friends. I will announce the winner on Friday October 2nd!

Who’s in?!? Let’s have some fun!!!!

“We Are Safe” Is Out Now! Go Stream it!
Posted // August 21st, 2020

Dear Family,

When I wrote my new single “We Are Safe”, I was scared out of my wits.

This year like most everyone… I witnessed situations, events and traumatic images, both personally and globally, the magnitude of which I never could have ever before imagined.

There were too many moments to count when the world I woke up to became unrecognizable and looking very much like a nightmare.

In a time when myself and my closest friends and family felt most terrified, I finally reached a breaking point where I could no longer tolerate another moment of being suffocated by the fear that had consumed me.

While at the same time feeling so completely powerless, I wanted to take a stand and most sincerely try to at least make an attempt to contribute something to the planet that could be of help and assistance to those of us who wanted to regain and return to a place of strength within, self reliance, safety and healing from this avalanche of trauma both in the present and from the ghosts of my past unresolved that kept turning up in my psyche throughout this year like ghouls from a classic Stephen King horror novel.

I discovered there were many places in my being of grief from my childhood still unhealed. This year has unearthed and uprooted so much.

This song is a prayer, an affirmation, a mantra and ultimately a statement of hope. My wish for all of us, is that this song is of help during those isolating moments of fear, doubt, when it appears that all is lost and we may feel left alone where there is no where else to turn.

Ultimately this song is an anthem of Faith and the inner journey of developing the belief in the possibility of arriving at the moment where reconciliation within becomes reality.

Even as I share this and as the song is being released into the world, fires in California are raging… sacred land inhabited by some of my dearest friends and inspirational leaders of sacred music who have now been ordered to evacuate without any certainty that they will have a home to return to.

My heart continues to ache and it is only through my daily spiritual practice and my unwavering belief in the power of Music itself, that I haven’t broken to the point where I’ve become paralyzed/immobilized in the face of the year I never expected to find myself or any of us in.

Thank you for listening and receiving this music and whatever elixir it may contain for you. Please keep up the fight to keep your heart open, even in the moments where it feels and appears that that the world is conspiring to crush it. And know without a doubt that I am in your corner fighting along side with you, with the hope and the faith that we will ALL live to see the day arrive where we can be reunited together again and sing this song to each other.

I’ll look forward to meetIng you there and hearing how loud WE will sing.

From my heart to yours,